A cute place called Hermann, Mo

Tucked away in the Missouri River Valley, Hermann is a picture-book village filled with bed & breakfasts and wineries and where 19th-century brick buildings hug the sidewalk, as they do in Germany.IMG_1558IMG_1554

IMG_2688 IMG_2690



Unsplash.com gives rookie photographers hope… part #2


Here is another update on my recent discovery.

I recently found this amazing site for people to publish their photography. Once they are verified, they are available for download to anyone for free, like stock photos.  I posted one of my favorite pictures of the Golden Gate bridge Feb 1st and in 24 hours I’ve already gotten over 50 downloads of that photo.  I checked it two days later and was up to 102 downloads!! And as of today 459 downloads!!

Unsplash.com great for beginner photographers that want to get their name out there. Don’t worry, your photos have your name on them and so you have the rights or “credit” of the photos.

The above picture is a photo from Unsplash.com

Below is the picture I submitted on Feb 1st


I left my heart in San Francisco #5

This is my #5 post of my January trip to San Francisco. The images below are exactly why I love SF.  An eclectic city, that I dream one day I might live. ( I dream….)  These images are the most unusual ones I found while there.

From SF having a store ONLY for Left handed people…..


To a Mechanical Museum of Coin operated games from the 1800’s. So their type of “video games”. I saw this one and had to try it!  It was so silly.  God I’m glad I was born a hundred and 80 years later!


Some butts at the beach….



A lighthouse in the middle of the park….




X-rated Fortune Cookies in Chinatown!