Bubble or Boba Tea?

Have you had this tea before?  Do you refer to it as Bubble or Boba? Please share where and what flavors you’ve tired so far!!  And if you haven’t TRIED IT, I DARE YOU!!


I kept hearing it said both ways but I didn’t know which was correct. Apparently both are and it’s amazing!  I was very late trying the Bubble/Boba Tea as it looked very strange to me. But once they started popping up everywhere I had to try it!  Basically its like a milky sweet shake with gummy bears at the bottom (sort of).  Actually the chewy balls at the bottom are tapioca. So far the only 2 flavors I’ve had are Blueberry and Coconut.



3 thoughts on “Bubble or Boba Tea?

  1. my sister is in love with the bubble tea – but the blobs bother me, which is odd because i love gummy candies and tapioca pudding and such! 🙂 the liquid part is good though, coconut sounds awesome, will have to look for that.

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  2. It’s known as Bubble Tea in Singapore and it’s a really popular drink here. We call the chewy tapioca balls as ‘pearls’ 🙂 My all-time favourites are green milk tea with pearls and oreo milkshake with pearls – both are just yum! enjoy your BT! 🙂

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